"Passover for the Soul" is great for both Zoom or traditional in-person seders. There are 14 beautiful cards for each of the 14 ritual steps. Each card very briefly explores the the ritual's meaning and relevance to our modern lives and prompts the kind of participation that will make every Seder in your home a richly unique experience, year after year.  The original paintings will be admired by children as well as adults, while enhancing the meaning of the words. The "meditation" is designed to encourage discussion or stories, or simply a moment of quiet reflection--whatever the Seder leader prefers.  
     The host simply places the cards randomly on or under guests' plates, inviting whoever has a card to introduce that ritual by reading it. The Seder leader keeps the "Leader's Guide" for easy reference during the Seder.  A beautiful, unique gift, or for your family to treasure in your own home for many years. 

Passover for the Soul