News release - February 2020


Great for Zoom Seders, too! Passover for the Soul brings fresh beauty,enjoyment to the Passover Seder  

“Passover for the Soul” complements the traditional Haggadah, connects the ancient story to modern-day hearts and minds


“Passover for the Soul” is a collection of 14 beautiful cards designed to complement the traditional Haggadah and help make the annual Passover Seder even more participatory and enjoyable for families and guests.  Each card illustrates one of the 14 ritual steps of the Seder with a beautiful original painting and a brief description of the ritual and its relevance to modern life. Children love it, too.

NOTE for Passover 2021: You can honor all of the Seder steps in a 40-minute Zoom Seder, event adding some of your usual traditions. For longer Seders, use the cards as a complement to the traditional Haggadah. For in-person Seders, only one set of cards is needed. for Zoom Seders, a card set for each location is recommended. Either way:

The Seder host places the cards randomly on or under guests’ plates, then asks each guest with a card to introduce the ritual by reading his or her card. The cards are two-sided. On one side is a beautiful original painting designed to enhance the meaning of the ritual while engaging the interest of the children as well as adults. The words and ideas are on the back, making it possible for others at the table to see the beautiful paintings while the participants hold up the cards to read.


A  simple Leader’s Guide helps the Seder host guide guests through the rituals. The “meditation” can be used for discussion or personal stories--or the host might simply encourage individual reflection. 


The 5x7 cards are sturdy, soil-resistant and designed to last for years, making an exquisite gift for Seder hosts or for one’s own family to share and enjoy for many Passovers.  


We raced through the Haggadah…the goals seemed speed and the meal.”

Passover for the Soul is created by Gail Silver, a writer and marketing professional with an art and design background.  “In my family, and as I’ve since learned, in many families, we raced through the Haggadah dutifully, but the goals seemed speed and the meal” said Silver.  “As a child and for most of my adult life, I enjoyed the Seder but didn’t feel the kind of personal connection to the story and rituals that my recent studies have brought me.”

Silver explains that her studies over the past few years with Rabbi Irvin M. Wise, now  rabbi emeritus of Cincinnati’s Adath Israel Congregation, and with other teachers in her community, gave her a new sense of excitement about Passover;  “I suddenly found the Seder not only more beautiful, but profoundly relevant to wherever I was in my life." Her goal, she says, is to help others feel the same kind of connection between the Haggadah and modern life. 


 “Just as we bring new selves to the Seder table each year, I wanted to offer thoughts and questions that could help make every Seder journey seem relevant in new and different ways, year after year.” 

More engaging for children, too

The cards are designed to engage the little ones, too.   “As a small child, I would have enjoyed looking at the beautiful illustrations, then over the years joining the adults in reading the cards and asking myself the questions posed.”   

Silver plans to continue her studies and to produce card sets for other Jewish holidays. Her business name is Neshama Connections, or “soul connections” in Hebrew.


The card sets may be purchased on at or, on Etsy at or by emailing Gail at  They are also available at various retail locations.


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