Passover for Soul is designed to complement your traditional Haggadah. Only one card set is needed per Seder. Each card features one of the 14 ritual steps in the Seder, briefly explores the ritual's meaning, relevance to modern living, and offers a brief "mediation" designed to encourage discussion, stories, or just quiet reflection--whatever the Seder leader prefers. Beautiful original paintings engage the interest of children as well as adults. The host passes out the cards randomly, keeping the "Leader's Guide" for easy reference during the Seder, and during that ritual calls on whoever has the card to read it.  Everyone at the table can see and enjoy the art as the guest holds it up to read.

"Passover for the Soul" makes a beautiful gift for your Seder hosts, or to be treasured in your family for years. Every Passover we bring a new self to the Seder table, changed at least a little by experiences of the past year. In this way, each Passover brings a fresh opportunity to take the journey, from slavery to freedom, as if for the first time, and "Passover for the Soul" will help to make every Seder a rich and unique experience.